Veritas Consulting

Master of Business Administration, Finance, Columbia Business School

Master of Science, Economics & Local Economic Development, London School of Economics

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, International Business, Albright College

Omer Bomba Mohammed

Managing partner

Omer is the Managing Partner of Veritas Consulting and has led a series of the organization’s key engagements. He presently leads a Rockefeller Foundation supported project to pilot and potentially scale productive-use anchored mini-grids in small-holder horticulture farming communities; the project coordinates activities between private developers, energy and agriculture public authorities, academic research facilities, and donors. This project is an outgrowth of a previous Veritas engagement with SouthSouthNorth and the German International Climate Initiative (IKI) to conduct a national commercial mini-grid diagnostic. His previous work included serving as the senior private sector economist on the development of the National Commercial Agriculture Strategy for the Prime Minister’s Economic Policy and Analysis Unit, the team leader for a national survey and strategy report for MSEs that principally informed the National Growth and Transformation Plan (2015-2020) MSE Strategy, and a four-year engagement to develop/incubate / and scale an aftercare department at the Ethiopian Investment Commission. Prior to Veritas, Omer served as a Fund Manager for an agribusiness venture fund, and as a lead private initiatives advisor at UNDP Ethiopia where he designed the framework and launched the flagship $26 million Entrepreneurship development Program.

Before his return to Ethiopia in 2010, Omer started his professional career as a research analyst in New York for telecommunications distressed debt, equity, and mutual fund securities. In the public sector, Omer served in Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s administration as the City’s Small Business Services Director of Planning and Policy for workforce development.

Omer serves as a Board Director for the American Chamber of Commerce in Ethiopia.