Veritas Consulting

BSc degree in Mechanical engineering from Arbaminch University

Pursuing MSc degree in Renewable Energy Technology from Addis Ababa University

Mekdem Tesfamariam

Renewable Energy Market Solutions Consultant

Mekdem is a Renewable Energy Market Solutions Consultant at Veritas Consulting. Mekdem is responsible for assessing of market opportunities for off-grid communities, providing support in the design of energy solutions for standalone and distributed systems, and in defining the most effective payment models for classes of energy customers.

Before joining Veritas, Mekdem worked in various governmental organizations, private companies and local NGOs. He has worked in the solar energy sector for more than eight years. He has been a project manager for installation of institutional solar systems, supervised/monitored different solar projects, delivered various capacity-building trainings, and developed a renewable energy project as well.